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Our policies provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions with low excesses and a superior claims service.

You wouldn’t go on holiday without your tickets or your passport, but many of us happily set off without travel insurance. Purchasing an adequate travel insurance policy for both ourselves and in the case of dependents, those we are travelling with, can be the most important purchase we make when travelling away from home.

You need to ask yourself, what happens if you fall ill when you are overseas and need medical treatment? Or maybe you have to cancel your holiday in the UK because you are made redundant or a member of your family is taken into hospital. What if the airline goes bust and you can’t reach your destination? If you don’t have the right insurance cover in place, your dream holiday could turn into a nightmare – with bills running into tens of thousands of pounds. An air ambulance from the east coast of America, for example, can cost £45,000.

Once you have decided you do require travel insurance, you should then ensure you purchase the best type of cover for your individuals needs. This will depend on the type of travel you are about to undertake and the cheapest policy might not necessarily be the best for you.

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