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How to financially survive a no-deal Brexit


It’s really time to get ready for Brexit. Yes, things are slightly more urgent if you’re a government minister or a farmer or you have an interest in just-in-time supply chains.

But even if you’re a normal person then there’s not much time to get your finances braced for a possible no deal.  

Boris Johnson has maintained the chances of a no-deal exit are “a million to one” but, despite that, it’s clearly an increasingly likely outcome.  

That leaves just a handful of weeks to prepare. By the time you’re stocking up on Halloween sweets, it will be too late. 

So what can you do in just three months? Here are some ideas.

Know where your money is ort your travel plans

Whatever happens with Brexit, the British love affair with travelling to the European mainland won’t go away. 


But if you are planning to travel within Europe after a potential no-deal exit, it’s really important to take a few extra steps to ensure you don’t get into difficulties.

For example, you may need to renew your passport sooner than expected. Just now, British citizens are able to enter “Schengen area” countries with a valid passport, even if it has as little as a day left before it expires.

However, if we do leave with no deal then the government’s advice is to renew if you have less than six months left on your passport, or you may not be allowed to travel.


A no-deal Brexit may cause delays at the airports as British travellers are no longer able to pass through the EU citizen passport controls, which are often quicker.

Without EU membership and unless something is arranged as part of a Brexit deal, travellers could no longer rely on a European Health Insurance Card (Ehic) to allow them to use local medical services on the same terms as a resident in an emergency. 

That means that travel insurance is more essential than ever, as even a short visit to hospital could rack up thousands of pounds in medical bills. The price of cover may rise if British tourists can no longer rely on their Ehic but it will still be far cheaper than hospital bills.

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