Pothole riddled roads are the second biggest concern for voters in England ahead of housing, policing and even Brexit as local elections loom.


The crumbling condition of the country's local roads is one of the biggest concerns for local residents set to cast their local election votes on 3 May.

Social care is the most important problem that needs to be tackled as England prepares to go to the polls, according to a survey carried out by the AA.

However, local roads maintenance was the second most common worry, ahead of policing, housing, Brexit and education -  a clear indication of the appalling state of tarmac on rural routes.


Road worries: AA president Edmund King said the new survey 'sends a clear message to Councillors that residents are fed up of having the roads budget slashed year after year'

Some 20,496 English residents were quizzed by the motoring organisation to gain a clear understanding of what changes they wanted to see made in their local constituencies. 

Almost half - 48 per cent - of those polled said that health and social care was the most important issue to them.

That was closely followed by 47 per cent of votes for local roads maintenance.