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Summer drivers more likely to speed and be involved in accidents, research finds


June is the worst month for dodgy driving, bringing with it a spike in insurance premiums, a major insurer has warned, after analysis of its telematics data revealed summer drivers speed 21 per cent more than winter drivers on motorways and are involved in more accidents with pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.


Last year, more than 10 per cent of the annual speeding convictions were clocked in June, according to Admiral and more incidents of drivers breaking hard are recorded during the summer – an indicator of inattentive or fast driving.  


With telematics now an established part of the car-insurance industry, considered particularly attractive for younger drivers otherwise facing insurmountable premiums, those motorists letting their hair down – and clocking up almost 20 per cent more miles than we do in cold weather – could be in for a financial shock alongside the real risks to life and property. 


“A lot of motorists are travelling further distances over summer but with much less caution than in the winter months,” warns Sabine Williams, Admiral’s head of motor products. “Many drivers enjoy the start of the summer months, making the most of longer evenings and sunny weather to get out more often. They might be tempted to go a little faster on the motorways when the weather starts to improve as well. It’s easy to cover lots of miles when you are visiting the beach, going to festivals, or away on holiday over summer, but don’t relax too much.


“It’s obviously very dangerous to drive without due care and attention, or above the speed limit, whatever the weather or season. But putting your foot down could drive up costs on your insurance because adding speeding convictions to your licence will increase your premiums as well.”

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