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Welcome to our March newsletter. In this issue your chance to win £100 worth of M & S vouchers. Racing Snails, there could be a £1000 waiting for you, ISA'S, Driver caught using a Homer Simpson driving licence and Moorside Rangers FC head the Etihad.

Free Prize Draw to Win £100 of M & S Vouchers


Free Prize Draw &100 M & S Vouchers.

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Pub scraps snail race as cold makes competitors sluggish


Pub scraps snail race as cold makes competitors sluggish


LONDON (Reuters) - An English pub has canceled a charity snail race scheduled to take place on Saturday after unseasonably icy weather made potential competitors too slow to compete.

“The cold snap has led to a medical problem with our racing snails - it’s called hibernation,” the Dartmoor Union Inn in southwest England said on its Facebook page.

Temperatures across much of Europe are below normal for the time of year, and British weather forecasters have warned of bitterly cold winds and snow that could disrupt transport and cut off rural communities over the coming week.

England’s public health authority said on Friday the prolonged cold weather posed a danger to elderly people and young children if they could not heat their homes.

The Dartmoor Union Inn said it planned to reschedule what it had billed as “The 1st International Snail Grand National”, in aid of a local air ambulance service, once the weather warms up.


Does you child have up to £1,000 in the bank without you knowing about it? - How to find out


Does you child have up to &1,000 in the bank without you knowing about it? - How to find out

If a child was born between 2002 - 2011 they could have up to &1000 just waiting in a bank account


Having a child is extremely expensive but millions of children across the country could potentially have up to &1,000 in their bank without knowing it.

The Hull Daily Mail reports that children between seven and 15 could have up to &1,000 in a Child Trust Fund from the Government that has been forgotten.

The fund was introduced by the previous labour government before 2010 and it gifted children &250 when they were born and a further &250 when they turned seven.

Low income families also received double payments from the Government, which means they could have &1,000 stashed away in their child's name.

How to find out if your child is included

To find out, simply head to the GOV.UK website here and enter your credentials.

Revenue and Customs will respond to claims within 15 days, plus time for postage.

Once people have access to their money, they can transfer it across to a junior ISA. The money must be transferred across from the trust fund to the junior ISA account.

Why a cash Isa is still worth saving into


Don't just rely on the tax-free savings allowance... if you're going to save it's still worth having a cash Isa


If you pay into a cash Isa this year you will lose money.

This sorry state of affairs, whereby even the best rates fall behind inflation, needs to be mentioned.

But if you are going to save, a cash Isa is still worth having.


Cash Isas have had a miserable few years but if you are going to save it is still worth having one

It’s been a miserable few years for the poor old cash Isa.

Whereas the end of the tax year used to mean excitement, as banks and building societies battled it out over rates, instead it’s been gloom - with just a few half-hearted efforts to nudge things up a bit.


A pincer movement on the poor cash Isa arrived over the past two years, as savers shunned them for standard accounts with their shiny new savings allowance.

It means savers can earn &1,000 of interest tax-free, although that’s cut to just &500 if they are higher rate taxpayers.

This annual allowance is a good thing and at current rates you would need a big savings pot to breach it – about &74,000 for a basic rate taxpayer and &37,000 for a higher rate taxpayer, based on the current best buy easy access rate of 1.35 per cent.

But it doesn’t mean the cash Isa is dead.


Dig into the archives and you'll find that there was once a real battle to raise rates for savers - even after the base rate was cut to 0.5%. In 2012, AA hiked its rate by 0.45% to attract savers

You might not have a savings pot big enough to go over the limit now, but one day you may do. 

And as rates eventually rise (which hopefully they will) the pot needed to bust the savings allowance will shrink.

If savings rates get back to 2.5 per cent, interest on a &40,000 saving pot would hit the savings allowance for a basic rate taxpayer, while that on a &20,000 pot would do it for those paying 40 per cent tax.


Would a Jeremy Corbyn-led government keep the &500 tax-free savings perk for higher rate taxpayers?

That’s still a lot of money but not unfeasible, and the size of many people’s cash savings pots never ceases to surprise me.

You also need to question how safe that savings allowance is.

I could see the &1,000 limit for basic rate taxpayers sticking around under a Jeremy Corbyn government, but what about the &500 perk for higher rate taxpayers.

Chancellor John McDonnell might look at that as one for the chopping block, but I couldn’t see him tearing up the whole Isa system

Furthermore, there’s been a bit of good news for Isa savers this year – rates are on the rise.

Things were still better back in the day, but for the first time in years we are seeing some interest in battling it out over better rates.

The top easy access deal is Shawbrook’s 1.25 per cent offer, Nationwide has single access rates at 1.3 per cent and 1.4 per cent, and savers might be tempted by the 1.67 per cent two-year fixes offered by Paragon and Charter Savings Bank.

I’d personally be reluctant to fix for longer, as base rate is forecast to rise and the tap is switched off on the cheap money from Funding for Lending and the Term Funding Scheme that meant banks didn’t want yours.

You may also want to consider investing any money that isn’t a rainy day fund, or needed short-term – savings that you are considering locking away in a five-year fix might qualify for that.

Hopefully, there will be a final flurry of competition on rates and we will keep you updated on the best deals all the way through to 6 April and beyond. 

In the meantime, read Lee Boyce’s Five of the best cash Isas - our round-up that we've been regularly updating with the best deals for years.

What you need to know about Isas

It’s not long before the door slams shut on your chance to use this year’s Isa allowance. 

So, listen to our special Isa podcast – with a comfortable (almost) three weeks to spare before the 5 April tax year-end.

We tackle the basics and have tips for those who are experienced Isa savers or investors.

We also look at why investing is the best way to get inflation-beating returns over the long-term, how savers can eke some precious extra interest from accounts, and why an Isa is worth having. 


D'oh! Driver caught with Homer Simpson licence in Milton Keynes


D'oh! Driver caught with Homer Simpson licence in Milton Keynes

When an officer stops a driver in Buckinghamshire, they are handed a licence with the cartoon character's 'address' and picture.


Perhaps the driver thought he would never be stopped. Or that traffic officers do not watch The Simpsons. Or that Homer Simpson really does live in Milton Keynes.

Whichever way, it was not the best choice of fake picture. Not if you want to evade detection, anyway.

When an officer from the Thames Valley force stopped a driver recently, the picture on the licence he handed over was of Homer Simpson.

The name was H. Simpson, and the address was 28, Springfield Way, USA.

Thames Valley Police said in a tweet: "Earlier this week, PC Phillips stopped a car in Milton Keynes.

"When she tried to identify the driver's ID, she found the below... (pictured licence)."

Moorside Rangers head to the Etihad

In 2011, Moorside Rangers FC based in Swinton, formed a Down Syndrome Active group, which encouraged D/S children to enjoy the thrill of footbal involvement.

Sunday mornings both groups meet, under the supervision of volunteers, who have all completed their FA Level 1 coaching course.
At 10am our open age group.engage in football disciplines, practicing skills and competing in games.
11am.sees our juniors, from the age of 4 having the time of their lives with the various activities which are organised for them. 
Apart from the obvious enjoyment, the benefits achieved over a period of time are brilliant.

Self confidence, movement, and communication, are just part of the success resulting from the activities they take part in.
Recently together with Manchester City, Everton, Warrington Wolves, and Egerton D/S groups, the older age group will be part of a 5 team league.

The Etihad training complex will host the first round of games, Saturday 31st March, and obviously the boys and girls are excited, and looking forward to a special day of football.

In June they will again compete in the annual D/S Active Festival at West Bromwich, playing against teams such as, Tottenham, Newcastle, Arsenal who are also involved with D/S.



On Sunday 11th March, Moorside D/S hosted a visiting team from Derry in Northern Ireland.
Paul Kelly, from Manchester City, was instrumental in organising the game, and also came down to assist.
Our senior team took on our visitors in a match officiated by volunteer ref Steve McCarthy, from the Salford league.
The atmosphere around the pitch was brilliant, with both teams enjoying their football and responding to the encouragement of an extremely happy and enthusiastic gathering.


It was now time for our 'mini stars' to showcase their skills, in their very first football match, and what a debut they made.
Before we even kicked off, Nathaniel displayed his goal celebration by throwing off his shirt and running bare chested around the pitch, much to the delight of the on looking spectators.

The game progressed in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with both teams enjoying competing at 'international level'
As the game drew to a close , Charlie scored a delightful goal, and then set off high fiving everyone in sight.
Brilliant end to two brilliant matches.


Paul then presented certificates to all the players, before we retired to the clubhouse for complimentary refreshments.
The perfect end to a perfect day.



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